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本書是拔萃1993屆校友獻給母校150周年之班級禮物(Class Gift)項目之一。所獲收益將悉數捐予「拔萃男書院基金」作慈善用途。


An Undefiled Heritage

Diocesan Boys' School History & Records

In commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of DBS, “An Undefiled Heritage: Diocesan Boys' School History & Records” traces the remarkable history of DBS, which in itself is a reflection and microhistory of Hong Kong. From an orphanage when Hong Kong became colonized, to an esteemed institution of education as Hong Kong rose to become a global financial hub; from the brink of bankruptcy as China plunged into chaos at the turn of the century, to being world champions as China resurges to become a global economic force, the history of Hong Kong and the history of the School has been entwined every step of the way. Yet, its story is seldom known.


The book consists of 3 volumes. “Vol. I: Teach Us Delight in Simple Things”, is a collection of works organized around the biographies of the 8 Headmasters whose names are now used for the 8 houses represented by 8 colors in the School, along with investigative historical accounts as well as delightful memoirs and whimsical poetry.


“Vol. II: Teach Us to Bear the Yoke in Youth” and “Vol. III: Teach Us to Look in All Our Ends” catalogues the reports from newspapers and periodicals of the School’s Speech Days from the 1880s to the eve of World War II. Since the original materials of the pre-war history of the School were lost upon the Japanese occupation period, this important new discovery fills a great gap for the School and the history of Hong Kong.


This book is supported by the DBS Class Gift ’93 funds and presented to their alma mater in commemoration of the School’s 150th Anniversary. All proceeds are donated to the Diocesan Boys’ School Foundation fund for charitable purposes.

150 年來波瀾起伏不為人知的歷程

We have 8 colours representing 8 houses... This is the legacy of our headmasters who have imparted to us their wisdom and principles according to their individual characters and historical contexts.





A set of 11 bookmarks including the 10 (+1) Headmasters.  Featuring caricature designs by 尊子.

HK$50 per set



Natural Color Totebag Featuring caricature designs by 尊子 for 10 (+1) Headmasters.




A set of 10 folders: 8 houses + 2 Headmaster (Current & Composite). Featuring caricature designs by 尊子.

HK$150 per set

*All proceeds are donated to the Diocesan Boys’ School Foundation fund for charitable purposes.



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